Katona Antique

Katona Restorer Workshop

Established: 1935

“Katona Antik” antique shop has been operating continuously since 1935. It’s founder, Katona Lajos was a famous cabinet maker of his time.

The art trading activity is concentrated in Falk Miksa street. There is a classic antique shop with old furniture, art deco furniture by famous Hungarian designers, paintings and other pieces of art.

We also have a warehouse, which is open to the public, and a restoration workshop, where customers can find furniture in an intact condition.

Translation from the book “industrial reconstruction 1945-47″:

“He finished the apprenticeship in Kecskemét in 1924. His workshop specialized in making children’s furniture. He becam an artisan in 1935. He produced only children’s furniture. His products found a good market throughout the country.

He replaced the raw materials and tools damaged by the war on his our resources.

He employed five workers.

He wished to rationalize the production and modernise his workshop.”

The founder’s son, Katona Lajos inherited the restorer workshop and in following years he established the classic antique shop (Katona Antique)  in the Falk Miksa street. Katona Lajos furniture restorer with golden diploma.

The profile of the company has since change it specializes in the renovation of and trading with old furniture.